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To be eligible for the 45th Deauville American Film Festival (September 6 to 15, 2019), 
- be a feature film or a documentary feature film of at least 75 minutes.
- be produced by an American (U.S. only) company (majority or minority production) or a company based in the United States.
- have its French premiere in Deauville and have not been shown in a major European film festival. Exceptions can be made upon decision by the Festival Director.
The Festival does not select short films.


Deadline for submissions, using the attached entry form, is set to July 19, 2019.
There is no registration fee.

Please submit your film by sending a link to Jérôme Lasserre at the following email address:
jlasserre@lepublicsystemecinema.fr, together with the completed 2019 entry form.
All non-English or French language films must be subtitled in English or in French.
When a film is selected for the Festival, it must be delivered in its original version, with French subtitles. Subtitling is at the applicant's charge.
All the selected films must be presented in DCP.


The official announcement for the selection will be made in late August 2019. Those who are selected to participate will be notified by e-mail prior to the announcement.


Download the logo kit (5,6 Mo)
Download the poster (2,6 Mo)
Download the HD poster (11 Mo)
Download press release N°1 (0,5 Mo)
Download press release N°2 (0,3 Mo)
Download press release N°3 (0,3 Mo)