1997 • 23rd edition

From 5th to 14th Sep­tem­ber 1997.
The Fes­ti­val offered a “Carte Blanche” to direc­tor William Fried­kin, and paid trib­ute to Mor­gan Free­man, John Waters, and Arnold Kopel­son. Sylvester Stal­lone made an appear­ance in Deauville as a sur­prise guest! Those he joined includ­ed Har­ri­son Ford, Roy Schnei­der, Ray Liot­ta, Clau­dia Car­di­nale, William Hurt, Rupert Everett, John Woo…

Affiche de la 23e édition du Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville


Sophie Marceau (Pres­i­dent), Élodie Bouchez, Philippe Car­cas­sonne, Éti­enne Chatiliez, Alain
Finkielkraut, John Hurt, Michèle Laroque, Nathalie Quin­tane, Inès Sas­tre, Lam­bert Wilson


The Grand Prize
SUNDAY Jonathan Nossiter
The jury Prize (ex-aequo)
In the Com­pa­ny of Men
Neil LaBute & ULEE’S GOLD Vic­tor Nunez

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