Looking back on Wednesday 8th September !

Direc­tor Josef Kub­o­ta Wla­dy­ka and the actress Kali Reis were in Deauville to present the film Catch the Fair One.
Direc­tor Lau­ren Had­away and the actress­es Isabelle Fuhrman and Char­lotte Unben were also there to present the film The Novice. 

Direc­tor Bar­ry Alexan­der Brown came to Deauville to present his film Un Fils du Sud accom­pa­nied by the artists Lucas Till, Sharonne Lanier and Matt William Knowles. 

Dig­i­tal Award Char­lotte Gainsbourg
After John Mal­covich, Jean-Paul Bel­mon­do, Cather­ine Deneuve or Vanes­sa Par­adis, @INA award­ed Char­lotte Gains­bourg with a dig­i­tal award: a video made up of tele­vi­sion and radio footage and includ­ing numer­ous photos.
It was an oppor­tu­ni­ty to look back on the artist’s career. 

The Direc­tor and actress also pre­sent­ed her film Jane by Char­lotte, screened in the L’heure de la Croisette selection.

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