By Vivian Kerr


​​Beth has recently been laid off and struggles to maintain the appearance of a successful middle-class lifestyle as she bounces around Los Angeles. Hoping to land a new job and change her situation before her estranged older brother Ben finds out, Beth must confront her own pride to reconnect with him and provide for her young daughter Birdy. Meanwhile, Ben and his wife Stacy consider a third round of IVF and Stacy, a successful attorney, must re-evaluate her own conflicted relationship with motherhood.

In English with French subtitles 

By : Vivian Kerr
Year : 2022
Duration : 1h45
With : Vivian Kerr, Anthony Rapp, Lana Parrilla, Beth Dover, Khleo Thomas
Nationality : USA

Production : Vivian Kerr & Rachel Stander

Script : Vivian Kerr

Cinematography : Markus Mentzer

Editing : Toby Yates

Music : Holly Tatnall

Production : A Season of Rain

+1 213 268 8676

During the festival

  • Monday 5th september + After the movie, Q&A with The director & actress Vivian Kerr 14h30  ›  C.I.D
  • Tuesday 6th september 18h00  ›  Casino
  • Friday 9th september 16h30  ›  Casino
  • Saturday 10th september 20h30  ›  Morny


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