The Vikings

By Richard Fleischer


In 900, Viking war­riors spread ter­ror along the Eng­lish coast. Dur­ing an attack, their leader kills the King of Eng­land and forces him­self on the Queen. Eric is born from this rape. Cap­tured by the Vikings, he is raised as a slave in the vil­lage where his father and his half-broth­er Einar live.

By : Richard Fleischer
Duration : 1h56
With : Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Ernest Borgnine, Janet Leigh, James Donald
Type : Fiction
Nationality : USA

Pro­duc­tion : Jer­ry Bresler & Kirk Douglas

Script : Calder Will­ing­ham d’après le roman de based on the nov­el by Edi­son Marshall

During the festival

  • Saturday 5th september 20h00  ›  Morny


  • Kirk Douglas

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