War Pony

By Gina Gammell , Riley Keough


Two young Oglala Lakota men grow up on Pine Ridge Reservation. At 23, Bill just wants to make something of himself. Whether it’s delivering goods or breeding poodles, he is determined to hustle his way to the “American Dream”. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Matho can’t wait to become a man. Desperate for approval from his young father, a series of impulsive decisions turns Matho’s life upside down and he finds himself unequipped to deal with the harsh realities of the adult world. Bound by their shared search for belonging, each of the boys grapple with identity, family, and loss, as they navigate their unique paths to manhood.

In English & Lakota with French subtitles

By : Gina Gammell , Riley Keough
Year : 2022
Duration : 1h54
With : Jojo Bapteise Whiting, Ladainian Crazy Thunder, Jesse Schmockel, Wilma Colhoff, Iona Red Bear, Woodrow Lone Elk, Ta-Yamni Long Black Cat, Jeremy Corbin Cottier
Nationality : USA

Production : Willi White, Bert Hamelinck, Ryan Zacarias, Sacha Ben Harroche, Riley Keough & Gina Gammell

Script : Franklin Sioux Bob, Bill Reddy, Riley Keough & Gina Gammell

Cinematography : David Gallego

Editing : Alfonso Gonçalves, Eduardo Serrano & Ernie Gilbert

Music : Christopher Stracey & Mato Wayuhi

World Sales : Protagonist Pictures



During the festival

  • Monday 5th september + After the movie, Q&A with The director Gina Gammell 10h00  ›  C.I.D
  • Tuesday 6th september 15h00  ›  Casino
  • Friday 9th september 17h00  ›  Morny
  • Sunday 11th september 18h30  ›  Casino


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