June Zero

By Jake Paltrow


In 1962, the world witnesses the execution of Adolf Eichmann in an emotional public trial. And in Israel, three characters are intimately involved in this historical, nation-defining event.

In Hebrew, Arabic & English with French subtitles 

By : Jake Paltrow
Year : 2022
Duration : 1h45
With : Noam Ovadia, Tzahi Grad, Yoav Levi, Tom Hag, Joy Rieger, Ami Smolarchik, Rotem Kainan, Adam Gabai, Koby Aderet
Nationality : Israel & USA

Production : David Silber, Miranda Bailey & Oren Moverman

Script  : Jake Paltrow & Tom Shoval

Cinematography : Yaron Scharf

Editing  : Ayelet Gil-Efrat

Music : Ariel Marx

World Sales : Films Boutique

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During the festival

  • Wednesday 7th september + In presence of Director Jake Paltrow and actress Joy Rieger 19h30  ›  C.I.D
  • Thursday 8th september 18h30  ›  Morny
  • Friday 9th september 19h30  ›  Morny
  • 14h18  › 


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