Little Vampire

By Joann Sfar


Lit­tle Vam­pire has been 10 years old for the last 300 years. Despite liv­ing in a haunt­ed house with a mer­ry group of mon­sters, he is bored to death… His dream? Going to school to meet oth­er kids. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, his par­ents won’t let him leave the man­sion, as for them, the out­side world is way too dan­ger­ous! Accom­pa­nied by his trust­ed bull­dog Phan­toma­to, Lit­tle Vam­pire secret­ly sneaks out on a quest for new friends…

By : Joann Sfar
Duration : 1h22
With :
Type : Animation
Nationality : France

Pro­duc­tion : Antoine Delesvaux, Aton Soumache, Thier­ry Pas­quet, Rodolphe Buet & Cédric Pilot
Script : San­d­ri­na Jardel & Joann Sfar
Edit­ing : Ben­jamin Mas­soudre
Music : Olivi­er Davi­aud
Voic­es : Camille Cot­tin, Alex Lutz, Jean-Paul Rou­vre, Louise Lacoste, Claire de la Rüe du Can, Quentin Fau­re
Dis­tri­b­u­tion : Stu­dio­canal, +33 1 71 35 11 19,,

In French

During the festival

  • Sunday 13th september 11h30  ›  C.I.D


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