The Deauville Amer­i­can Film Fes­ti­val pro­motes a silent, secret dia­logue cir­cu­lat­ing among film­mak­ers from the France and the Unit­ed States. These selec­tions bear wit­ness to the festival’s com­mit­ment to pass­ing along and sharing. 

For the sec­ond year, rid­ing off the suc­cess of the 2021 edi­tion, Deauville will wel­come world pre­mieres of three films for a win­dow on French cinema. 

Come meet them ! 

Bruno Barde,

Fes­ti­val Director

LA GRANDE MAGIE by Noémie Lvovsky

With Denis Poda­ly­dès, Ser­gi López, Noémie Lvovsky, Judith Chem­la, François Morel, Damien Bon­nard, Rebec­ca Marder 

LA TOUR by Guil­laume Nicloux

With Angèle Mac, Hatik, Ahmed Abdel-Laoui 

LES RASCALS by Jim­my Laporal-Trésor

With Jonathan Fel­tre, Angeli­na Woreth, Mis­soum Sli­mani, Vic­tor Meutelet

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Join us to fol­low the com­pe­ti­tion and meet the guest tal­ents of the Festival!


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